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How To Increase Height

There are many ways how you can increase your height but today I am going to tell you the main five 5 points how you can increase your height.

So here are they :-

1 Eat a balanced diet

You can eat following food items

Fresh Fruits

Fresh Vegetables

Whole Grains


Dairy Products like Paneer, Curd, Lassi etc.

You should avoid


Trans Fats

Saturated Fats

2 Get the right amount of sleep

You should get a right amount of sleep because it will make faster the process of growing and there is a style in which you should sleep. Its that you have to put your pillow below your knees so that your legs stretch and your growth don’t stop and will grow faster than others. This is the main point please try it out.

3 Staying Active

Staying active means that you should regularly play outdoor games, sports, exercising without weight pulling because it will stop your height from growing and you can play basketball which will be very beneficial and swimming than you can focus on studies too and you can take break after studying a lot and go outside and play and came with freshen mind which is eligible to study.

4 Maintaining a good posture

It is very important to have a good posture because if your spinal cord is bended than in your old age you will be bended and shoulders will automatically be bended.

5 Doing yoga

You can do yoga for height increasing

Here are some good postures for you -:

Mountain Pose

How To Increase  Height

Child’s Pose

Cobra Pose

Warrior II Pose

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