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Currently attempting to add some healthy mass gain . You could be prepared to spend some time lifting heavier weights and bulking up some of those t-shirts and sweatshirts after devoting months to being slimmer and looking better. Continue reading since we have the strategy in this paragraph if it sounds like I’m speaking about you.

The intermediate and advanced trainees in this 4-day program will get bigger and stronger. Negatives, drop sets, and rest-pause sets will speed up your mass growth.

This program will assist advanced and intermediate trainees in gaining positive size and strength. Beginners and newcomers could find this program to be overly demanding, and they might still want to learn more about proper form and technique before committing to a program like this. But don’t be concerned. we offer a wide range of programs for those who are just getting started.

Fundamentals of the Mass gain Program

You have to do something different from what you usually do in order to acquire something that you don’t already have. To do that, you must go beyond what you typically consider to be “failure.” That is why this programme will include certain techniques for increasing intensity.

Rest Period Sets for mass gain

You’ll push one of these sets to failure within the suggested rep range, take a short break (between 10 and 15 seconds), and then complete as many reps as you can. As a result, a set of barbell curls might resemble this:

Barbell curls: 70 pounds for 8 repetitions, followed by a 15-second break.

Despite taking that brief break, you completed four more reps than you typically would have. You can advance your training by adding those extra reps.

The Drop Set for mass gain

After failing an exercise, you lower the weight you’re using so you can keep working out. No more rest is taken. As soon as you reach failure, you instantly lower the weight and continue. The following is an example of an incline dumbbell press drop set:

Inclined dumbbell press: 10 repetitions with 60 pounds; 12 repetitions with 30 pounds.

Yes, you reduced the weight, but it was still sufficient to safely challenge the muscles. So the objective—to tear down muscle fibres so they may heal and grow—will still be achieved.

Negatives reps for mass gain

When doing so, transfer the weight slowly from the lifted phase to the stretch phase. You could need one second to regularly lower the dumbbell on a curl. Negatives allow for longer processing times of up to 10 seconds. Five-second negatives will be a part of this program at various points during the workout. The objective is to keep the weight under control and make the muscle work harder.

What Weight Ratio Should I Use?

Let’s answer this subject since it is one of the most frequently asked in the comments section of our publications. Use 10 pounds if that is all you have available for exercise. Use 80 pounds if you are capable of doing so. The important thing to remember is that the weight should be difficult enough for you to complete the desired number of reps within the suggested rep range. It’s too light if you can perform 12 reps when you’re only supposed to perform six to eight. On the other hand, it’s too heavy if you can’t lift more than four. You cannot determine the weight you require using a magic formula. It will require some trial and error.

Nutrition needed for mass gain

No matter how hard you train, you still need to eat in order to recuperate and grow. That does not give you permission to indulge in mindless eating at any time. A good dietary strategy will be very helpful. Here, I’ll give you two bits of advice:

Eat protein first since it has the greatest impact on your recovery and growth. You don’t want any protein to remain on the plate if you start feeling full before the meal is finished. Additionally, doing this can aid in controlling your blood sugar.
It’s food, not flavoured oxygen, so take your time. To ensure good digestion, take your time eating and chewing your food thoroughly.

The Exercises

Let’s now discuss the training. This routine lasts for four days. Each exercise will be done once each week. Following this divide would be the ideal method to go about it:

Chest and Side Delts on Monday
Upper back and rear delts on Tuesday
Thursday – Off
Arms and Abs on Thursday
Wednesday – Legs
Sunday and Saturday are off.

Workout 1: Chest and Side Delts

Incline Barbell Bench Press312, 10, 12*90 sec
Flat Dumbbell Bench Press312, 10, 15+90 sec
Cable Crossover312, 12, 12^90 sec
Seated Lateral Raise312, 12, 1290 sec
Single Arm Cable Lateral Raise312, 12, 1290 sec

* Rest-Pause Set

+ Drop Set

^ 3-5 Second Negatives

Workout 2: Upper Back and Rear Delts

Bent-Over Barbell Row312, 10, 12*90 sec
Dumbbell Pullover312, 10, 15+90 sec
Wide Grip Lat Pulldown312, 12, 12^90 sec
Dumbbell Rear Delt Fly312, 12, 1290 sec
Cable Face Pull312, 12, 1290 sec
Dumbbell Shrug312, 12, 1290 sec

* Rest-Pause Set

+ Drop Set

^ 3-5 Second Negatives

Workout 3: Arms and Abs

Close Grip Bench Press312, 10, 12*90 sec
Weighted Dip312, 10, 12+90 sec
Rope Tricep Extension312, 12, 12^90 sec
Lying Leg Raise312, 12, 1290 sec
Cable Crunch312, 12, 1290 sec
Barbell Curl312, 12, 12*90 sec
Hammer Curl312, 10, 12+90 sec
Cable Curl312, 12, 12^90 sec

* Rest-Pause Set

+ Drop Set

^ 3-5 Second Negatives

Workout 4: Legs

Deadlift312, 10, 12*90 sec
Lying Leg Curl312, 10, 12+90 sec
Walking Lunge312, 12, 1290 sec
Front Squat312, 10, 12*90 sec
Leg Extension312, 12, 12+90 sec
Dumbbell Side Lunge312, 12, 1290 sec
Seated Calf Raise312, 12, 12^90 sec
Calf Press312, 12, 12^90 sec

* Rest-Pause Set

+ Drop Set

^ 3-5 Second Negatives

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