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The International Health, Fitness & Fashion (IHFF) and Sheru Classic jointly hosted the 2022 Sheru Classic India Pro competition in Mumbai, India this past May, bringing together 30 of the top fitness models in the world to compete against each other in several fitness-related contests including bodybuilding, fitness modeling, and bikini competitions, as well as talent and physique rounds. Below you’ll find a breakdown of all the winners from the 2022 Sheru Classic India Pro. Congratulations to them all!

Know About India’s Biggest Surfing Event

India’s most prestigious surfing event, the Sheru Classic India Pro, was held from october 28th to 30 Oct. This year’s pro results saw some of the strongest competitors from 212 Bodybuilding, Classic Physique, Men’s Physique, and Bikini. The pro results were based off a combination of judges scores and the competitor’s overall performance. In addition to showcasing the best surfers in Asia-Pacific, this contest highlighted competitors from 212 Bodybuilding, Classic Physique, Men’s Physique, and Bikini.

Who won the Championship?

The results for the 2022 Sheru Classic Pro Championships have been announced and this year’s champions have been crowned. Hameed Juma took home the 212 Bodybuilding pro title, Abdullah Alsairafi won Classic Physique, Bhuwan Chauhan won Men’s Physique, and Elizaveta Dementieva took home the Bikini pro title. Congratulations to all of our winners!

Event Summary

Fans watching this show agreed that Manoj Sarangapani brought one of his career’s best looks, and he took home the title of winner this year. All the riders had great runs, but in the end it was Manoj who pulled ahead of all the others with a score of 97.75%.
However, by the end of the contest, Abdullah Alsairafi’s ironclad conditioning won him the title this weekend.

Results by Category

212 Bodybuilding
Winner — Abdullah Alsairafi
Second Place — Manoj Sarangapani
Third Place — Dmitrii Vorotyntsev
Fourth Place — Deepak Nanda
Fifth Place — Rejesh Yadav
Sixth Place — Shanti Mitchell
Seventh Place — Benjamin Broughton
Eighth Place — Piyush Raj
Ninth Place — Sandip Rajbanshi

Men’s Physique

Bhuwan Chauhan left no doubt with the judges and won the contest, earning his right to compete on the 2022 Olympia stage.

Winner — Bhuwan Chauhan
Second Place — Imran Khan
Third Place — Raj Kumar Paswan
Fourth Place — Dilip Kumar
Fifth Place — Nishant Bansal
Sixth Place — Karim Esmat
Seventh Place — Lovepreet Singh
Eighth Place — Ajith Raja
Ninth Place — Ravneet Singh
Tenth Place — Mohamed Moustafa


Elizaveta Dementeva got the job done. She is now 2022 Olympia bound.
Winner — Elizaveta Dementeva
Second Place — Nittaya Kongthun
Third Place — Navreet Josan
Fourth Place — Josephine Yeong
Fifth Place — Orapin Guthrie
Sixth Place — Alina Bogacheva
Seventh Place — Bridget Bailey
Eighth Place — Dakini Sellamuthu
Ninth Place — Vaishali Sonalker
Tenth Place — Pei Fen Lin

Details about each heat

On Sunday, the 30th of November, the 2022 Sheru Classic pro results were announced at a ceremony following the finals of the event and awards for the competitors.
The winners of each category: 212 Bodybuilding: Hameed Juma
Classic Physique: Abdullah Alsairafi
Men’s Physique: Bhuwan Chauhan
Bikini: Elizaveta Dementeva

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