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Women’s Workout

Any healthy women’s wishing to transform her physique with a quality weight lifting regimen will love this 12-week women’s specific training programme. So, we are presenting a women’s workout which you can do at home easily. So, let’s get started with our women’s workout.

Training Description

Beginning a new weight training regimen can be challenging and stressful for women. Finding anything that genuinely works is difficult because of all the false information available.

Women have been fed incorrect exercise advice for years. You should be aware about women’s workout.

All those magazine articles are feeding incorrect information to you but we are here to tell you the best women’s workout which is provided by specialists and gym trainers. The same ones that go on to say that choosing a light set of dumbbells and executing sets of 20–30 repetitions of any particular exercise constitutes the “toning” process.

We can leave part of that in the past now that we know everything there is to know about female-specific training.

Women’s Workout from sarefit

Any healthy woman wishing to alter her physique through an effective weight lifting regimen will benefit greatly from this 12-week programme.

Through the use of basic lifts, the objective is to assist you in gaining lean, functional muscular tone. The actual exercise targets your lower body three times per week, with a particular emphasis on your glutes, and your upper body twice per week, with an emphasis on arm muscle definition.

We’ve also added some suggested cardio sessions that you may undertake either in the morning or after that day’s workout to enhance the overall number of calories expended each day. If time is of the essence, they are not necessary to notice improvement with this workout.

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For this programme, rest intervals between sets and exercises should be limited to 30 to 90 seconds.

Workout Routine

Legs and glutes, cardio on Monday

Cardio and back exercises on Tuesday

Wednesday: Cardio, Legs & Glutes Cardio and Chest & Shoulders on Thursday

Cardio and Legs on Friday

Sabbath: Abs/Rest

Abs Rest on Sunday


It is crucial to remember that your eating and sleeping patterns have a significant impact on how successful any exercise regimen is for you. Make sure you get seven to nine hours of sleep every night and consume enough calories to assist you achieve your goals.

You can use our BMR calculator to determine how many calories you need to consume daily to maintain your current weight.

If weight loss is your objective, deduct 250 calories from this total. Try to increase this figure by 250 calories if you are underweight. Additionally, if you are currently at your optimum weight, be sure to consume enough calories to maintain it.

Monitoring Progress

Monitoring your outcomes is crucial for demonstrating your success with the programme. You should arrange to take your favorite form of measures at the start of the 12-week period.

Pictures of the progress made, scale weights, tape lengths, and skinfold calliper readings are a few examples of these measurements. I advise beginning with your level of comfort and building on that as you get more at ease.

The more information you have about yourself, the more accurately you can experiment with factors like increasing the reps, sets, or weight used during workouts, increasing the number of hours you sleep each night, increasing the amount of cardio you do each week, and/or altering the number of calories you consume each day.

How often do you evaluate your development?

But if you want to make sure you’re moving in the right direction, I’d suggest doing it once per month or every six weeks. is entirely up to you, but to make sure you are moving toward your goals, I’d advise doing it once per month or every six weeks.

When the twelve weeks are over, what do I do next?
After completing the 12 weeks of this women’s trainer, you should take a week break.

If, after deloading, you decide you’d want to try another 12-week cycle of this programme, you should do so rested and ready to achieve greater progress.

If you have any questions or would want to give this programme a review, feel free to use the comment section below.

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